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11-30-2011, 03:31 PM
Apologies if I am in the wrong area but I think javascript is used to create the actions in this site (or am I wrong?)

The site is:

How is the scrolling achieved with the side menu fixed.
And when you click on one of the products down the page; how is that window created over the main content??

These are probably stupid questions but I'm baffled!!!

Also does anybody know how this site is done?? See warning note about this site in next post - jscheuer1

Is there loads of iframes involved??


11-30-2011, 04:50 PM
These are both pretty sophisticated sites most likely with paid programmers/designers setting up complex scripts, HTML, and css styles to achieve these effects in precisely the manner done, tailored to identify and take advantage of various browser's capabilities. Each effect in and of itself isn't necessarily too complicated. It depends upon which it is, and upon your level comfort programming in and using various existing javascript/HTML/css schemes. The easiest in most browsers is the fixed sidebar. It can simply be given the css style position: fixed; top: 0; left: 0; All but IE 6 and less will work with that. And I believe there's a relatively simple IE proprietary style expression that will allow IE 6 and 5.5 to do that too.

The other stuff on the first site looks to be a combination of something like Lazy Load - a script that can be configured to do various things. It's basic thrust is to hold back loading contents (usually just images) that are 'below the fold' until the user scrolls them into view. And some kind of viewer script like FancyBox, also highly configurable, which allows for content to appear over the page as if in a separate window. This content can be hidden on the page or be imported from another page or file, and can have the scrolling effect if needed. The presentation - zooming out from the clicked 'thumbnail', yet still anchored to it is not the FancyBox default, but shouldn't be impossible to arrange. The look and feel of the default FancyBox box is also different but can be customized.

Setting these up for your page to work exactly like on the first site, would be complex, but doable - probably beyond the scope of a free forum. Just getting you familiar with the scripts and how to use them in a general sort of way would be (unless you're already pretty familiar with the languages involved) a task, but something more in line with what's done here.

The second site, unless I missed something, has only this Lazy Load or something like it that's remarkable.

Note: I converted the hotlinks in your post to ordinary text. Folks viewing this thread can still navigate to them by pasting the addresses into their browser. But I would warn folks, the second one, upon refresh, tried to download a file to my computer. I'd stay away from any site like that.

Please do not remove the warning I added to your post, nor attempt to convert the links back to hotlinks.

12-06-2011, 02:24 PM
Cheers for the info John....much appreciated!!!!!