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babak radboy
11-22-2011, 03:42 AM
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Image Thumbnail Viewer II

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Hi, It may be that this script is not right for me, but I am having a few problems with it. I am trying to develop a portfolio site where when you roll-over menu items corresponding images appear behind the menu in a div layer and are set to stretch proportionally to 100% of the window height.

I basically have made this work using a combination of scripts, but have kind of coded myself into a corner.

a. right now when you click on the mouseover item which is linked to the background div, it shows up, but if you mouse down the browser is directed to the individual image file... which is definitely not good... I need onClick to load an html page into the same div and also to toggle the collapsable menu it is all embedded in (when you click the "->")

b. I am using css to set the images to 100% height but it is a universal setting and I am sure I will not want EVERY image to fill screen.

Basically because the rollover function is in an href tag and links to an image it is hard to assign a separate Onclick function to it...

I realize there is also a problem with the collapsable menu I am nesting my submenus in as the page is loading with it kind of collapsed, and you have to click it twice to open it properly... I'm stumped on this too but it's less pressing for the moment.

I know that I am a total hack, but I need to make this website for my girlfriend and we can't afford a pro so any help would be very appreciated!

I have uploaded the site in progress to:


Thanks so much,

babak radboy
11-22-2011, 02:34 PM
That's weird, it looks like when uploaded the thumbnail viewer doesn't work at all... although it was working locally. I'm stumped.