View Full Version : Jquery Parallax Simple Script Please?

10-21-2011, 07:20 AM
I try to make a new web development. And i'm planning to experimenting with Jquery parallax like the nike one.
This is the example and download script:

I already implement that script before, in this website:
But not much, just as a gallery.

So back to the title of my tread here, Is there a simple script for jquery parallax. The one that i already tried to use super complex, especially on cross browser. It was really a problem too in multiplexing the layer.
The next website that i try to develop will use the parallax function as the whole website not only as gallery, well it's difficult to explain cause it's still in progress.
But anyway is there someone in dynamicdrive already make the jquery parallax for dynamicdrive version.

Thank you so much.