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10-16-2011, 08:50 AM
I have a program pick.html . The program's objective is to change the color of background,text and the link colors in it various states like when it is visited or active etc. to the color that is entered in the text-boxes.Since I am a beginner javascript user so I cant understand the working of the code of pick.html.

Here is the code of pick.html

<HEAD><SCRIPT Language="JavaScript">
<!-- hide from the browsers
function display(form) {
doc = open(" ","output");
doc.document.write('<BODY Style="background-color:'+ form.bg.value +';color:'+form.fg.value+';"');
doc.document.write('" Link="' + form.link.value + '" ALink="'+ form.alink.value);
doc.document.write('" VLink="'+ form.vlink.value + '">');
doc.document.write("<H1>This is a Test</H1>You Have Selected These Colors<BR>");
doc.document.write('<A HRef="# ">This is a Test Link</A></BODY>');
// stop hiding script -->
<BODY><CENTER> <SCRIPT Language="JavaScript">
<!-- hide from other browsers
document.write('<H1>The Color Picker</H1><FORM Method=POST>');
document.write('Enter Colors:<BR>');
document.write('Background: <INPUT Name="bg" Type=Text Value="' + document.bgColor + '"><BR>');
document.write('Text: <INPUT Name="fg" Type=Text Value="' + document.fgColor + '"><BR>');
document.write('Link: <INPUT Name="link" Type=Text Value="' + document.linkColor + '"><BR>');
document.write('Active Link: <INPUT Name="alink" Type=Text Value="' + document.alinkColor + '"><BR>');
document.write('Followed Link: <INPUT Name="vlink" Type=Text Value="' + document.vlinkColor + '"><BR>');
document.write('<INPUT onClick="display(this.form);" Type=Button Value="Test">');
// stop hiding from other browsers -->

Can anyone please explain to me what the code does?
I can't understand how the links colors are being referred to as vlinkcolor, linkcolor etc ?
Any Help plz?