View Full Version : Show/Hide Forms & their Elements on webpage

12-09-2005, 08:43 PM

1] How do i hide or show 3 forms on selecting options from a dropdown list?

if i select form1 from dropdown list, form1 will only be visible & the other 2 forms will be hidden. Similarly, same thing for others!

2] Also, i need to hide/show different elements on the visible form based on the selecting some elements on the same form.

e.g. i have a dropdown list, which will have some items in it. on selecting one item, i want to show/hide another dropdown list (or a textbox, textarea, checkbox, radio etc) below.

3] Also, i need a ticking GMT time on right-side of page. I already have a ticking Local time on left-side of page.

Please Help ASAP!