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12-08-2005, 06:49 PM
is there anyway to get the HV Menu 5.5 to display window.status messages when you mouseover menu items with window.status in them

current code is (item: menu2)::::::::::::::::::::::::

* (c) Ger Versluis 2000 version 5.411 24 December 2001 (updated Jan 31st, 2003 by Dynamic Drive for Opera7)
* For info write to menus@burmees.nl *
* You may remove all comments for faster loading *

function BeforeStart(){return}
function AfterBuild(){return}
function BeforeFirstOpen(){return}
function AfterCloseAll(){return}

// Menu tree

Menu2=new Array("<span style='cursor:pointer; cursor:hand;' onmouseover=window.status='HOME';><b>HOME</b></span>","","",5,18);//header
Menu2_1=new Array("<span style='cursor:pointer; cursor:hand;'><b>OUR MISSION</b></span>","http://www.sc.maricopa.edu/boomerz/mission.htm","",0,20,95);

this does not display the window.status message, and if I do it this way:::::

[CODE]Menu2=new Array("<span style='cursor:pointer; cursor:hand;' onmouseover='window.status='HOME';'><b>HOME</b></span>","","",5,18);//header

it doesnt work, nor does it work with

Menu2=new Array("<span style='cursor:pointer; cursor:hand;' onmouseover="window.status='HOME';"><b>HOME</b></span>","","",5,18);//header
because it just kills the menu, so could the window.status message be held in or above the

function BeforeStart(){return}
function AfterBuild(){return}
function BeforeFirstOpen(){return}
function AfterCloseAll(){return}
section of the page as a variable, or maybe a function?

12-08-2005, 09:31 PM
This (which is better if it works) may work:

Menu2=new Array("<span style='cursor:pointer; cursor:hand;' onmouseover='window.status=\'HOME\';return true;'><b>HOME</b></span>","","",5,18);//header

If not, this should:

Menu2=new Array("<span style='cursor:pointer; cursor:hand;'><b onmouseover='window.status=this.innerHTML;return true;'>HOME</b></span>","","",5,18);//header

12-09-2005, 03:06 AM
thx for the reply, but neither worked, the first gave no errors (but no window.status message either) in firefox, in IE6 it gave a window status error message

the second dint have any errors in either, but again dint display a message

btw: the reason I'm tryin to put a window status message up is: personally when I'm checking a link on a site I'm not familiar with, I check the status bar to see if the link is external, that is to say, different from what the displayed link says it goes to

the purpose of my site (college work study, the redirect is http://www.boomerzaz.com/ the file host is my community college at http://www.sc.maricopa.edu/boomerz/freebies_NEW_NAV.htm (the page I'm testing HV menu on before I deploy it)) is for older, retired people (mostly retired), they may be old, but that doesnt mean they have to be stupid about these things. Point being, I want to display where I'm sending them to so they dont think I'm sending them to a malicious site if they've never visited mine before and dont know about my department's (or the college's) ethics

so incase you wanted to know, thats why, and thanx again...

12-09-2005, 05:03 AM
You've lost me there. The best way to reassure viewers that they are not being taken elsewhere than they are actually being taken is to allow this menu's default behavior (which doesn't work in FF, by the way), which is to display the address that the link will take them to in the status bar.

But, I couldn't give a rat's posterior about what you want to put in the status bar. Since the code is already broken in FF (it doesn't display what it is meant to, which is the address of the hovered link), we can pretty much forget about that browser. Users of FF can disable any status manipulations via javascript anyway. In IE, it does work and these two reasons are why you cannot control the status in the way I was thinking, the script is already (at least trying) to do so.

I found that by editing menu_com.js you can get it to (in IE6) display the text that appears in the menu instead of the href location of the link by finding this in that file:


It appears twice (once for mouseover activation of drop downs and once for onclick activation). Change it to this:

status=this.innerHTML.replace(/<[^>]*>/g, "")}

12-13-2005, 06:38 PM
thanks a heck of a lot, at least I can display something there now besides the usual link status message, I figure the more I can customize my site and differ from the norm (crappy pages that dont have such features), the more my visitors will be impressed and want to come back again.