View Full Version : swap image behavior with lightbox effect

09-29-2011, 01:32 PM
I need some help!
I have a swap behavior created in dreamweaver that shows my photogallery in a single cell of the table. when i click in a thumnail an image is displayed in that cell (i have multiple image thumbnails associate to that cell). What i want to do is add a lightbox effect to that cell, to add the possibility of a third image in fullscreen lightbox. my problem is that a have one single link associated to that cell and with the swap behavior i cant associate the fullscreen lightbox to all my images.

I dont know if you understand my problem but a need a urgent answer!!!!!!!!
Thank you for your help!!!

code associated to a thumbnail:

...<td align="right" valign="middle"><a href="javascript:;" onclick="MM_swapImage('bakground_work_03_s1','','images/img_first_s1.jpg',1);"><img name="img01_s1" src="images/img01_s1.gif" width="17" height="20" border="0" id="img01_s1" alt="" /></a>.