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09-27-2011, 01:09 AM
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Image Thumbnail Viewer II

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I have successfully made this script work almost exactly as I had planned! Which means it must be a good script if I can get it to work!!! The only problem I'm having is that I would like the first image of my thumbnails, or even a random thumbnail, to be showing in the "<div> loadarea" by default instead of a blank space. I'm sure this could be an easy tweak, however I cannot seem to work it out myself.

I tried just having the image loaded within the "<div></div>" tags on it's own and the other loaded on top of it when clicked, however the image also shows up breifley while the others are loading, and looks quite unsightly.

Can anyone help me out here? Thanks so much!!

EDIT: Ah, this unsightly problem by loading an img within the "<div></div>" tags is fixed by pre loading the images. However, if I didn't want to preload the images, is there an easy fix for this?


09-27-2011, 02:46 AM
I'm not sure I understand what you did. The usual solution to the first question is to hard code the desired first image into the loadarea:

<div id="loadarea" style="width: 600px"><img src="whatever.jpg" alt=""></div>

Is that what you did? If so or if doing that still creates the other problem, please give us a link to the page. It's much easier to solve a problem if we can see it.

If you want more help:

Please post a link to a page on your site that contains the problematic code so we can check it out.