View Full Version : Issue with third party application window close functionality

09-21-2011, 01:02 PM
Hi All,

I have a requirement as below.

On load of a HTML page, the system should open new browser window which has a IFrame inside it.

This IFrame will display a thiry party web application content(it is a secured application with username/password) in it with a OK button. We don't have any control on this third party application.

When we click on OK button, the system should close the new browser window,which we have opened just before.

The problem is the new browser window is not getting closed.

My observations
1.If I try to load the third party web application directly into the new browser window(without any IFrame), the new browser window is getting closed when we click on 'OK' button.
2. I am thinking that this third party application people are calling just window.close() to close the browser window.But in case of IFrame, it is not working.I did a small POC on this like this. I have a main.html which has a IFrame where first.html gets displayed.I kept a button(OK button) in first.html and it is getting displayed in IFrame.I have written some javascript code like window.close() which gets called when we click on Ok button.In this case, the window is not getting closed. But If I change the javascript code to top.window.close(), the whole browser window getting closed.

Please help me on this.

Please provide if you have any workaround for this.

Thanks in advance

Ravi Boreddy