View Full Version : Dynamic Iframe Resizing on Multiple Layers of Iframes

09-15-2011, 08:50 PM
Hi guys
Its my first in this community and I hope someone can help me on this one. Iím currently working on the personalization of the layout of SAP ERP Portal. This Portal Framework uses Iframes to display the current page and/or applications on the Current Page.

Here is a custom draw of a normal Portal Page
---- Custom Componentes Like Menus etc
----- Iframe (InnerPage) Ė Shows the Current Page
--------This Page can have embedded content and/or More Iframes with Applications

All the Iframes are on the same domain but I only have access to the innerPage Code and not to the iframes that have the applications.

Now we want the innerpage to automatic resize to the current content. This is being a problem (even after using jQuery Plugins or Resize Scripts) because:
1) The Iframes that have the applications change content height using Ajax/DHTML (not triggering load event) and this resize scripts wont call the resize mechanism.
2) I donít have access to the applications source
3) On some tests ive made using Scripts ( for example Auto Height Jquery, SSI Dynamic Drive Ö) some iframes display the same clientHeight and ScrollHeight Even if theres a scrollbar in the browser window.

If thereís anyone there that can help me solve this kind of situations it would be really helpful Thanks