View Full Version : Scrolling Either pages or frames/forms ... only!

12-03-2005, 05:24 AM
Q? How can I make a form or iFrame scroll with a mouse wheel

A! Durrr! Scroll the mouse wheel

Correct! - Now, how do I make it only scroll the form or iFrame, and not the rest of the page? I have seen where it only scrolls the main page until you click the frame btw, as you do here. But I want the sub-window to stop scrolling at the end of the Frame, until I click the mouse again on the main page

I find nothing more infuriating, than trying to navigate multiple frames on a page, only to have the mouse default to the main context page and scroll that as well - a nightmare on a laptop btw

I want to be able to use the mouse wheel to scroll: either the main page, or on mouse_move to section_mouseover or click, scroll the iFrame etc. After it scrolls the iFrame, I want it to stop scrolling; until I choose to move the mouse, or click mouse - to the main context page, and begin scrolling again

It is a very common and most annoying surfing experience - comments appreciated - click-in, click-out does it for me ... but the scroll stops, unless you click-out by default Maybe an in-frame 'Save' button will answer this question, on save it stops scrolling the iFrame, and scrolls the main page ONLY, (Whilst saving what you just wrote) - I am thinking on-line forms btw

I guess I did not explain that very well, but you know what I mean, I am sure ... try it and see

(If you smile at me - then that is something everybody, everywhere does in the same language)