View Full Version : Widget created by javascript / iframe

07-04-2011, 04:21 PM
I have a slight issue with a Widget that I am using from a major website. The widget allows you to put a certain product on your site and has linking to the suppliers site to purchase and stuff. The code to put it on your site is straight forward and is a simple script tag with a src link in it.

The problem is that the maker of the widget must have something set on their side to make sure that at least a percentage of the widget is shown in the loaded page view otherwise it scrolls the page to fully view the widget. This is annoying if the widget is in the middle of the page, so even just going to a page as normal it scrolls the page. I put the src tag they use directly into the browser and they are returning a document.write iframe type thing.

I have never really used iframes so I didn't even know you could make it do what they are doing. Is there any way that I can stop this functionality and still use the widget. Here is a link to the site I have the widget on - The widget is the MarketAmerica thing in the left column. To test what I am talking about, simply scroll down the page so the widget is out of view and then hit refresh.

Any insight is appreciated.