View Full Version : Reverse animation in Smooth Navigational Menu

06-23-2011, 12:33 AM
Smooth Navigational Menu (v1.5)

Hello. I have a job and I am by no means a javascript expert. I am already using a modded version of this script...to obtain the updated version simply find this line:

$subul.css({top:this.istopheader && setting.orientation!='v'? this._dimensions.h+"px" : 0})

and replace with:

$subul.css({top:this.istopheader? -this._dimensions.subulh+"px" : -this._dimensions.subulh+this._dimensions.h})

This will make the drop down come from the top instead. Now, I would like you to instruct me how to make this not only drop from the top, but also fade in the opposite direction (make it go from the bottom to the top).
You can see my menu so far right here: http://andrewsuzuki.com/sites/nav2/

I can pay you if you wish.