View Full Version : Brief Stats on Libraries

06-17-2011, 04:27 PM
I got a little bored and I was wondering about file size creep in jQuery. It must have it, right? It does. Stats as reported in Opera's Info sidebar for some script libraries listed on the Google Libraries API (http://code.google.com/apis/libraries/) page:

19,763 bytes jQuery 1.3.2 - final 1.3 series
24,678 bytes jQuery 1.4.2 - definite problems with some scripts in complex environments
27,100 bytes jQuery 1.4.4 - final 1.4 series
30,043 bytes jQuery 1.5.2 - final 1.5 series
32,060 bytes jQuery 1.6.1 - latest version available from Google API

31,942 bytes Prototype 1.6.1 - final 1.6 series
37,749 bytes Prototype - latest version available from Google API

28,473 bytes MooTools 1.3.2 - latest version available from Google API

Feel free to add any comments about the versions or to add versions or request versions or libraries to be checked.

Some notes on Prototype - I've found anything prior to 1.6.1 to be less reliable at times in complex environments. And in order for it to equal some of the capabilities of the others it needs Scriptaculous which pulls in other scripts. But none of the Prototype family of scripts is compressed. Significant byte savings could be had by minifying them. Assuming they would minify easily, probably . . .