View Full Version : Lightbox Won't Open in IE.

06-15-2011, 11:09 PM
Maybe it's just that this lightbox has good taste in browsers.

I need another set of eyes to look at this and hopefully see what I must be looking right past. The site is http://www.madetoorderblinds.com/2inch-wood-blinds.html and the problem is in IE only. Works fine in Firefox, Chrome, Opera. The little question mark icons by the options list of the ordering info box don't work in IE. They should open a lightbox that provides a picture or test further explaining each option one appears beside. But in IE they just change the URL to http://www.madetoorderblinds.com/2in...html#lightbox2 or whatever number is clicked, but do not display. Any thoughts what's wrong. IE isn't giving any hint of a JavaScript error.

All the content in already on-page in DIVs with display set to none. The lightbox script just has to toggle the display to Block.

The scripts I am using are from http://www.eight.nl/static/files/leightbox/