View Full Version : Help with DD AnyLink dropdown menu

11-23-2005, 10:50 PM
I'm using DD Anylink dropdown menu.

Eveyrthing works fine except for IE5.2 on Mac [in my school's computer lab]. Mac Safari, FF: OK.

[Even DD homepage, and the original menu mentioned above don't display properly, so it's probably not me who caused it :)].

The annoying thing is: when I mouseover the menu, the menu [just the drop down part] re-positions itself to the upper left corner of the screen and cover the whole screen, so basically I can't use the website anymore until move the mouse far away from the covered area.

When I look at the description of the Anylink menu, it says The menu intelligently determines whether the dropped menu is too close to the browser's edge, adjusting its positioning so it's always in view.

Could anybody show me where is the part in the script that repositions the menu, and can I take it out, or what should I do? I don't need the dropdown to work, just make it not reposition itself.