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05-08-2011, 10:07 AM
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AnyLink CSS Menu v2.2

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Like many other posters on this forum, I am looking for a mod to allow AnyLink to act like a multi-level menu. I have implemented the script on this page: http://www.homestickers.dk/hellerup/

The reason I can't use any of the other menu scripts I have found so far, is that I actually don't need a menu, traditionally speaking. I need a div, that I can style as I wish and insert HTML inside - and also "AnyLink enabled links" inside the div, which should pop up another div.

I tried enabling a link inside a div giving me a new menu... Yeah! But when I move my mouse cursor down in this new menu, the parent disappears.

I, of course, would be glad if there was a mod, but switching to another script is also plausible.

Also - would it be possible to modify where on the page the menu would popup?

05-09-2011, 08:26 AM
Hmm in your case just modifying AnyLink Menu to support multiple levels won't necessarily suffice, as you're looking for a drop down menu that doesn't just do multiple levels, but in a loose way where some menus are just regular DIVs with select links that in turn should drop down again all while having the top level menu be aware of this (so the sub levels above the currently active one do not disappear). That's the tricky part. If I come up with a solution that works with your current setup, I'll post back here.