View Full Version : Resolved ssi includes with multiple folders

04-20-2011, 07:42 PM
im not sure which category this would fall under so ill post it here.

well i have noticed the only way to use ssi includes is if the actual file im referring to is in the same folder as the page i want it on

so instead of using one file across all the sites, i would also have to drop that file in the folder i want as well.

is it possible to use ssi includes with multiple folders, using just one file in the main directory, as opposed to dropping the file in each individual folder?


Since this is the first thing that comes up when searching for "ssi includes with multiple folders" on google, and i found the solution to it, ill post it here. (or maybe its just first in google for me, i dont know)

instead of using

<!--#include file="blabla.html" -->


<!--#include virtual="/blabla.html" -->

simple enough