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04-13-2011, 12:26 AM
If this topic is in the wrong place. I'm new to the forum, but had a good look about and i think this is where i should be.

I run a small website with adverts on it, we get a lot of our hits from people viewing photos on the site. Each time they click the 'next' button on the site the page refreshes which bumps up the page impressions, which is great for me, but a bit annoying for the viewer. I have came across two sites that have very cool galleries! when you click next, only the photo changes and the adverts change. This is great because the viewer does not have the whole page refreshing ever time they click next, all that changes are the photos and the ads. so i win and the viewer wins!

Here are two examples of the galleries!

If anyone can help me source what these galleries are i would be forever in debt!

gallery 1

complex dot com

gallery 2

nme dot com

ALSO: thesmokingjacket dot com uses a slideshow with adverts in in, like your screen is all black and has the photo + banner and nav buttons.

ANy help is awesome! Thank you,