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04-01-2011, 05:40 PM
1) Script Title: Image Crawl + Lightbox

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(first: Sorry fpr my poor english)
i hope my question is not brazen. I do not know much about web design and java. I am illustrator and want to build an online-portfolio. After a lot research i found this thread:


The gallery on this page comes closest to what i want to realize.
I want a horizontal gallery of thumbnails. It should not move on its own but only on mouseover (the closer to one of the sides the faster in this direction it should crawl). If possible it should be endless (starting with the first picture again when last picture is reached seamlessly).
On left click of one of the pictures it should open in a lightbox.

The wide of the gallery should be 100%, i am not sure about the high at the moment (200px maybe) and fitted into on css container. (Eventually more then one of the galleries on the site).

Also it would be great if it works smooth. (Maybe it would be more easy in flash but i would prefer not touse flash very much)

Is it possible? I feel overstrained a little bit and do not know how to start best to learn how to realize this.

Greetings, Kukuschi

04-02-2011, 01:27 PM
Here is the site where i tried to realize this. I am a little bit bashfully bur i really have not much knowledge about coding and so:


P.S.: Later all this will be implementet in a design. For the moment i just want it to work.

Edith: Main problem solved. Know i have some other problems... In Lihhtbox every picture is doubled and there are ugly blue stripes sourrouding the thumbs.