View Full Version : amending right click menu to download audio from jPlayer

03-24-2011, 05:42 PM
I am using a javascript audio player on a webpage that has an option to download the track by right clicking on a link called 'mp3' at the end of each track in the playlist. When the user right clicks on the track name however all that can be downloaded is an html file.

I am trying to find a way of changing this so that right clicking on the track and choosing the 'save link as' option will download the mp3. I have been led to believe that I can use a script such as this one:


to generate a custom content menu for downloading tracks, or somehow downloading the mp3, but I am at a loss at to how to do this.

Here's a screenshot of a track in the playlist:

http://emberapp.com/nickharambee/images/safari-3/sizes/m.png (http://emberapp.com/users/nickharambee/images/safari-3)

And here is the source:

{name:"foster manganyi na tintsumi ta tilo - zion (ndzi teke riendzo no. 1) <span style=\"color:#BDBDA1; font-size:12px;\">[from nick]</span>",mp3:"./songs//nick/zion.mp3"}

I would be grateful for any advice on getting this working,