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02-23-2011, 06:08 PM
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Anylink CSS v2.0 causing scroll bar issue
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I am helping a grade school with their website and using the anylink CSS menu for them. They have a lot of static pages and I am pretty sure its the length of the hidden menu items that are causing their pages to show scrollbars when they are not needed. If I remove the navigation bar, or shorten how many pages are in the menu, scrollbars go away. Anybody have any ideas how to truly 'hide' the anylink menu items so they don't cause the page to scroll down below the last content area?

Here is a link to my site with the problem: http://www.havensdesign.com/oakland/index3.php You can click another link in the content area to see a second page with no navigation and no scrolling issues. (dont use the navigation bar)

The pages are set up in tables because it's a set of teachers that will be updating the site, so I can't really change that if it has anything to do with the problem. Thanks for any help!

02-23-2011, 07:24 PM
It seems to be the anylink shadow somehow causing the problem. Since you are not using the shadow anyway, you could try to remove it completely. Maybe css like this could help:

.anylinkshadow {
display: none;

02-23-2011, 09:47 PM
You are awesome! That worked! Thanks so much for taking the time to look into it. I would have NEVER figured that out.