View Full Version : "Text and Image Crawler" double images count

02-16-2011, 02:51 AM
I have installed 'Text and Image Crawler'.
I really like it but I am having a little issue with it.

I have also installed lytebox.js
( I have also tried lightboxEx with more issues)

I think that 'Text and image Crawler', somehow duplicate the images (at least that seems to appear as such to me). I can't work out if it is in the loop, or in my links.

I use this sort of links in my html. All my links use a small thumb images and link to a big image to open in the lytebox. I have 10 links like this.

<a href="photos/big/image1.jpg" rel="lyteshow[landscape]" ><img src="photos/small/image1-s.jpg" border="0" width="120" height="150" alt=""></a>

I tend to believe there is something in the loop, but this is based on behaviours' observations rather than reading the code as I do not know javascript.

lytebox indicate 20 images, while there is only 10 of my links.
It doesn't matter where I click in the loop, for example image2, or image '12' (repeat of image2), the slide show starts at image2 up and finishes at 20.

If I do not use Crawler, lytebox will count 10 images, and will start at image2 (if click on it) and the slide show finishes at 10.

I have also tried lightboxEx but I had similar issues and other troubles as it was buggy to use with Crawler. Again i think it was to do with the looping as some images opened in a new page, but a loop later opened in lightbox. But I have abandon this solution now for this reason.

Any help will be appreciated, so that I understand what is going on.
I can live with it, but I would prefer lytebox to indicate the right amount of images to see.
Many thanks