View Full Version : Problems loading FancyBox within Dynamic Ajax Tabs

02-10-2011, 08:59 PM
Somebody please help im going out of my mind!!

Im a novice in javascript and html to be honest but I have an assignment to do for college and need it done.

Originally I had this working using a different type of lightbox that wasnt Jquery using the help of one the posts from his forum however because when I came to include a jquery treetable along with this lightbox on the ajax tab - The 2 wouldnt work together so I decided to see if using jquery to run both the lightbox and the treetable features would resolve this problem.

Problem is: using a jquery lightbox with my ajax tabs - I cant get it to work?!?!

Im so frustrated

Im currently using the jquery fancybox plugin. It works fine when running the page on it own however calling the page from my main page into my tabs and the fancybox just stops working.

On the lightbox version I was using before the fancybox I had attached all the javascript code onto the main page and the page I was pulling in consisted of the following link:

<a href="images/RemoteSurface1.gif" rel="lightbox" onClick="myLightbox.start(this); return false;"title="Surface 1"><img src="images/RemoteSurface1.gif" width="289" height="207">

Now using the fancybox plugin I have all the javascript on the main page again and have the following on the page thats being called:

<a id="single_image" href="images/RemoteSurface1.gif"><img src="images/RemoteSurface1.gif" alt="" height="207" width="289"/></a>

Please help...... :(