View Full Version : FrogJS1.1 question on thumbnails appearing on page load

mini one
02-08-2011, 03:42 AM

I used the FrogJS which I must say is very simple to use. The problem is that when the page loads the first thing you see is the linked thumbnails and some of the "alt" descriptions.

Is there a way to load the page without the linked images showing first?

Here is the html coding from one of the pages:

<div id="FrogJS">
<a href="artists/nobleman/rain_series _suite.jpg" title=""><img src="artists/nobleman/rain_series_suite_thumb.jpg" alt="RAIN SERIES I and II &nbsp; Mixed medium on panel &nbsp; 54” x 54” each"></a>
<a href="artists/nobleman/rain_series_ palegold.jpg" title=""><img src="artists/nobleman/rain_series_palegold_thumb.jpg" alt="RAIN SERIES I &nbsp; Mixed medium on panel &nbsp; 54” x 54”"></a>
<a href="artists/nobleman/rain_series_blackweb.jpg" title=""><img src="artists/nobleman/rain_series_black_thumb.jpg" alt="RAIN SERIES EBONY &nbsp; Mixed medium on panel &nbsp; 54” x 54”"></a></div>

Any help on this is appreciate.