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02-03-2011, 12:06 AM
Good Evening Everyone.

I need HELP!!!

I am new to Java, as matter of fact I always liked it but never tried it, so today I tried and I am having a problem I donít know how to fix it.

As part of my unemployed survival skills I started building websites and one of my clients is asking to me do something that I believe I had it half way.
Basically he wants to have a picture with a link in it scroll down when users read the page, needless to say is a sales invitation if you will (ready to buy click here kind of thing).

I found this nice code http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex11/topcontent.htm but I just canít make it work.

Iím followed the instruction step by step and I canít make work for me; the situation I am having is that the script should run from a particular point within the page.

I hope I am explaining myself because I donít understand anything I just wrote in here, that is how confused I am right now not to mention Iíve been working on this the whole day.

Please HELP !!!

02-03-2011, 12:19 AM
First, this is not Java. Java is a programming language like C++, and it is used for making programs. Javascript has a similar name but is completely unrelated and it's used on websites for interactive content. (Not your fault because the names are oddly similar, despite being completely different things, but knowing the difference is important.)
Usually you should post in the Javascript forum for questions about Javascript, but since this is a question about a script from Dynamic Drive, I'll move it to that forum. (Either way, it's doesn't belong in the Java forum.)

Now, on to the question:
Please provide a link to your page so we can check it out. Were you able to successfully install the script?

It seems like what you want is a modification of the script. The other problem is that the script you've chosen only works in Internet Explorer. It's better to use a script that will work in all browsers.

Please provide a link to your page and give us a bit more information, and someone familiar with the script should be able to help. Welcome to the site.

02-03-2011, 12:52 AM
Hey djr33

Thanks for your reply.

My apologies for posting in the wrong forum and thanks for relocating it to the right one.

Here is my site and the page with the issue http://www.miamichildrenstheater.com/summer.php

Now, Yes I was able to installed the script but I don’t think successfully, if you looked the site you will see after the two pictures (Creative camp and Broadway bound) on your left hand site the same picture as the one I am trying to make scroll down, what I need is to make that script start from that point and go all the way down when the user scroll down and replace that static picture for the one with the script, did I explain myself? Please let me know.

Do you know any script that will work in all browsers? As matter of fact my sister checked the site in Firefox and it didn’t work at all.

Thanks again for your help.

PS: The web designer who builded this site actually did it on php, I read on your site that you are a PHP fan,maybe that help you to help me.

02-03-2011, 03:02 AM
Well after working and testing and checking online, I think I got it as close as I can to what I really want; my door is still open for suggestion and help.