View Full Version : Top Navigational Bar III, IE6 problem

11-13-2005, 01:50 AM
I'm trying to implement the top navigation bar III on my company's site, but when you first load the page with IE6 and XP pro (I assuming this because it doesn't do it at work on win2000 I didn't notice untill I tried to look at home, does it on two XP pro machines, but works fine on my home win2000 machine) IE gives you a script error:

Line: 3
Char: 25441
Error: Permission Denied
Code: 0
url: http//www.subsurfaceleakdetection.com/test/index.html

and the menu doesn't show up just a black box. But when you hit refresh everything works fine. If you click on the home link or the company logo to go back to the home page, same problem, until you hit refresh. The test website is up at this location http://www.subsurfaceleakdetection.com/test