View Full Version : Blank webpage!? Please help =(

11-08-2005, 12:06 AM
(note: sorry I might have posted this originally in the wrong folder)


I am no pro at all making websites. I finally "completed" this website and was proud of myself: http://www.victoriaparkbrawley.com

Unfortunately, the webpage comes up as just a white background on about 1/3 of the computers I try to load it on. This is not good as our webpage is now being advertised and people are calling in saying they can't see anything.

I used Frontpage to create the site and added in some of the dynamic html scripts (i.e. image rollovers). Thats another thing, for example, try clicking on "directions" on the main page and leave your mouse in that spot(it is a rollover image link). The directions page will load but then when you move your cursor off of the "directions" gif button, it will be 'x'ed out.

Please I really need help and this was my first webpage job. If you feel its better to talk in person you can call me too (619) 507-9630 or you can respond in here. Thanks so much!!!