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12-03-2010, 02:48 PM

I am using JQuery menu from this site - http://dynamicdrive.com/style/csslibrary/item/jquery_multi_level_css_menu_2

I want to remove the down arrow and let the right arrow be there as it is. When i try to change the javascript to remove the down arrow - it dissapears from firefox but page when viewed in safari - it displays question mark in place of that image.

I guess am not editing the right piece of code. Any input would be really appreciated.

deleting this code from jquery deletes the down n right arrow -

$curobj.children("a:eq(0)").css(this.istopheader? {paddingRight: arrowsvar.down[2]} : {}).append(
'<img src="'+ (this.istopheader? arrowsvar.down[1] : arrowsvar.right[1])
+'" class="' + (this.istopheader? arrowsvar.down[0] : arrowsvar.right[0])
+ '" style="border:0;" />'


12-03-2010, 03:34 PM
Quick fix - You could just replace the down arrow gif with a totally transparent gif. No need to alter the code then.

12-03-2010, 03:43 PM
You shouldn't have to edit the script at all for this. You say you want to get rid of the down arrow. It's class name is configured here in the jqueryslidemenu.js file:

//* jQuery Multi Level CSS Menu #2- By Dynamic Drive: http://www.dynamicdrive.com/
//* Last update: Nov 7th, 08': Limit # of queued animations to minmize animation stuttering
//* Menu avaiable at DD CSS Library: http://www.dynamicdrive.com/style/

//Update: April 12th, 10: Fixed compat issue with jquery 1.4x

//Specify full URL to down and right arrow images (23 is padding-right to add to top level LIs with drop downs):
var arrowimages={down:['downarrowclass', 'down.gif', 23], right:['rightarrowclass', 'right.gif']}

var jqueryslidemenu={ . . .

As long as you haven't changed that, then in the jqueryslidemenu.css file (near the end) you may change its style to display none:

/* ######### CSS classes applied to down and right arrow images ######### */

position: absolute;
top: 12px;
right: 7px;
display: none!important;

position: absolute;
top: 6px;
right: 5px;

Note: You probably don't need the !important keyword. I included it just in case. It would override anything the script might do to try to change that. But I don't think the script does anything like that.

12-03-2010, 04:15 PM
Thanks John,

That was easy :)