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11-05-2005, 08:23 PM
i think the topic is correct, i just visit this site, i mean dynamicdrive.com, and i saw lots of beautiwonderful mouse cursors, and i really love it, but.. is there a way to put those code on CSS? cause i have tried it can't :( there write dont know what put <body>?? what was that! if im not wrong HTML thingy.. so i hope someone out there can help me with this...

11-06-2005, 11:38 AM
... eh?
You can apply it in CSS by using
cursor: url(path/to/cursor.cur);. Is this what you meant?

12-12-2005, 04:21 PM
no.. i mean in CSS editor, it can't add HTML code like <body> or <head>, and now i want is can i add HTML code to CSS?

12-12-2005, 04:35 PM
You can't edit an HTML document tree "on-the-fly" using CSS. For this you would want Javascript.

12-13-2005, 02:41 PM
err... sorry.. i think you didnt get what i mean.. here.. the easy way, and you can try it out..


in this site, you can personalize your profile with CSS and share with millions of ppl around the world. after you registered, go to "my profile" --> "edit profile" or when you at your "home" page(in friendster after you logged in) click "edit profile", after "edit profile" then click "customize", and you will see 2 blank box at the page, err.. i dont know how to say after this.. try it and tell me :D

12-13-2005, 03:26 PM
Ah, I see. You're in a limited environment in which you can't use unrestricted HTML. I don't believe it's possible to use these scripts. You can apply mouse cursors with the code I've given above, applied to body:
body {
cursor: url(path/to/cursor.cur);
}but most of the scripts here require you to put things in a specific place in your page, which you can't do. Sorry.

12-15-2005, 01:05 PM
ahh.. forget it.. anyway.. thx... :D