View Full Version : script works on IE but not netscape 7.0

11-04-2004, 01:01 AM
I got this really great fading menu and installed it to my site. It workes fine in IE but when I open in Netscape 7.0 the menu is in the middle of the page on one page and something similar on an other page.
I went to netscapes Javascript consol and got this error it says i line 3, menus is not defined.

function init()
menus[0] = new menu(20, "horizontal", 55, 103, -1, -1, "87ceeb", "#0000A0", "Verdana,Helvetica", 9,
"bold", "bold", "black", "white", 1, "gray", 2, "rollover:images/tri-right1.gif:images/tri-right2.gif", false, true, true, true, 12, true, 4, 4, "black");
menus[0].addItem("http://www.3debook.com/default.htm", "", 70, "center", "Home", 1);

Can anybody help me find out how to get it working in both.