View Full Version : Problem with HVMenu when browse on FireFox

11-05-2005, 01:26 PM
I made HVMenu by using images as 'Text to Show' and made relative position like

Text string- Enables relative positioning of the menu.
1- In the HTML-file where the menu shows you need a named div:
<div id='MenuPos' style='position:relative'></div>
2- Set TargetLoc to 'MenuPos'
3 - Set MenuCentered to 'left', MenuVerticalCentered to 'top' and StartTop and StartLeft to 0
4 - StartTop, StartLeft and the Menu center variables can still be used to get an offset from the <div>.

Remarks: the different ways browsers interpret the pageX and pageY offset makes this feature difficult. I got the best results by putting the div inside a table, give the div the same dimensions as the first level menu, put an transparent image inside the div with again the same dimensions as the first level menu
<div id='MenuPos' style='position:relative; width:102; height:102;'><img src='transparent.gif' width='102' height='102'></div>

it's good and can be relative when I resize the browser. But problem is when I resize the browser (Mozila Firefox) it takes 1 second to shift to left of the proper positon It looks weird. But after that it is good (problem is why it must shift to left for 1 second?)

But this problem is not happen on IE.

I use the HVMenu script latest version but it still have this problem ?

Can anyone help me to fix this problem, thanks