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11-10-2010, 05:39 AM
Hi everyone,

I could use a little help please.

I have created and customized a vertical version of the anylinkcssmenu with the files from this link

The menu itself is embedded in an iFrame, with images for the anchors, and the drop-down links are set to either open a page in another iFrame (the main content frame), or on a separate page, or some of them open a document

This menu works perfectly in IE6, IE7, IE8, Google Chrome(, FireFox(3.0.11), and in Safari4
But when I test it in Opera(9.64) then the drop-down links (set to open on "click") don't show up at all. I have set one of the anchors to open on "mouseover", and in this setting the drop-down links will display in Opera too, but then disappear as soon as the mouse cursor touches a link, making it all but impossible to click that link and call up the corresponding page.

I have posted a test version of this menu set-up here
Button #2 is set to open the drop-down menu on "mouseover", while all other buttons are set to open their drop-downs on "click".

The problem with the drop-downs not working is ONLY in Opera (I only have version 9.64 available for testing), but since this menu is supposed to be for a business site I can't just ignore this problem.

One last point, when I test the menu by itself - on its own page outside of the iFrame here http://pages.suddenlink.net/thewvmunroes/ButtonTest/TESTmenu.html
then the drop-downs open just fine in Opera, both on "click" and on "mouseover".
But unfortunately this menu is required to be embedded in the iFrame, so any help or advice on how to make it work properly in Opera as well would be greatly appreciated.

11-10-2010, 06:39 PM
Hmm I'm trying a few things out, though so far no luck in locating the issue in Opera. If I find something I'll update this thread.

11-11-2010, 12:32 AM
Ok, after some playing around, the issue basically seems to come down to Opera behaving erratically when it comes to certain aspects of the script when put inside an IFRAME. Why I don't know yet. But by disabling certain features of the script when Opera is used, the menus at least are now usable in that browser. Try the below attached .js file.

11-11-2010, 02:39 AM
AWESOME!!! Thank you soooo very much for making this work!

I have re-posted the menu with the edited .js file at this link
(the original, run from the original version of the .js file, is still at the link in my first post, in case someone wants to take a look at the difference).

Comparing the two .js files, the only difference I could find were 2 added instances of "window.opera" in the "mouseover" and "mouseout" events, but that seems to have done the trick to get the drop-downs to open. It's still slightly "glitchy" because the drop-downs only close if one of the links has been clicked (or at least the cursor has been over a link in the drop-down menu for a moment), but again that's still ONLY in Opera, and at least the drop-downs work there at all now.
So thanks again a whole bunch, I truly appreciate your time and effort.

PS: If anyone is interested, I used Chris Poole's DOM Image rollover effect for the anchor images, since setting the anchors to reveal the drop-down menus on "click" seems to cancel out the "data-image" and "data-overimage" from the original script, to where the anchor image then changes only on "click" as well. With the DOM Image rollover, the anchor images still change on "mouseover", even if the drop-down menus are set to be revealed on "click".