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11-03-2005, 01:50 PM
Love the script. have coded in a 2 column table, but seem to be failing on the "mouse out"

I'm looking for a "tool" tip that can basically handle a formatted table ( I think displaying a "list" is too long? ) & the table works great - But ONMOUSEOUT.... The table is not going away.....

Tips are built from SQL queries.

The following would be a snip - of the URL for the Fixed Tooltip script

---- snip ----

<td><a href="https://xxx.xxx.yy.com/db/dblookup.php?name=SystemName" \
<tr><td><font size=1>Manager</td>\
<td><font size=1>Manager name</td></tr>\
<tr><td><font size=1>Manager IP</td>\
<td><font size=1>Manager IP Here</td></tr>\
<tr><td><font size=1>C Name</td>\
<td><font size=1>C name here</td></tr>\
<tr><td><font size=1>C IP</td>\
<td><font size=1>C IP here</td></tr>\
<tr><td><font size=1>Logging IP</td>\
<td><font size=1>Logging IP here</td></tr>\
<tr><td><font size=1>System IP</td>\
<td><font size=1></td></tr>\
<tr><td><font size=1>Primary Admin</td>\
<td><font size=1>Admin Name #1</td></tr>\
<tr><td><font size=1>Secondary Admin</td>\
<td><font size=1>Admin Name #2</td></tr>\
<tr><td><font size=1>Other Contact Admin</td>\
<td><font size=1></td>Name #3</tr>\
<tr><td><font size=1>Software Version</td>\
<td><font size=1></td></tr>\
<tr><td><font size=1> Software Build</td>\
<td><font size=1></td></tr></table>',this,event,'350px')";onMouseout="delayhidetip()">SYSTEM#1</td></tr>

----- end snip ------

11-03-2005, 02:10 PM
I had a semi-colon here:

and there shouldn't be.

nt,'350px')" onMouseout="de

... Well posting works for me...