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10-12-2010, 10:53 PM
1) Script Title: Scrollable iframe script

2) Script URL (on DD): http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex17/iframescroll.htm

3) Describe problem: When my website is open with IE, the up & down button scroll the content very slowly. The scroll works perfectly on FF.

I've search through the forum and I still can't find a solution to my particular situation.

Try opening my site with different browser: http://monseratdelucca.com/shop/bags/viewallbagstesttest.html

I hope someone can help!

10-13-2010, 12:50 AM
I don't see the Scrollable Iframe script on the page you cited actually...

10-18-2010, 06:42 PM
Here is the link:

Please let me know what I should do so that the scroll works when using IE to open the site. Or there's no solution, can you recommend another type of scroll like one on this page: http://www.sinvin.com/services/

Thank you so much

10-18-2010, 09:45 PM
Hi there,

I tried using another scroller script & it's still working very slow on IE.

Please help.

Thank you.