View Full Version : Script: Fading Message Scroller - How to use Server Side Includes as the fcontent?

11-01-2005, 03:54 PM
Script: Fading Message Scroller

For ease of frequently updating the content displayed using the fading scroller, I'd like to associate three htm includes (for thread I'll call them promo1.htm, promo2.htm and promo3.htm), preferably content which includes graphics but not necessary.

The code in question is probably here:

var fcontent=new Array();
begintag='<div style="font: normal 14px Arial; padding: 5px;">'; //set opening tag, such as font declarations
fcontent[0]="<b>What\'s new?</b><br>New scripts added to the Scroller category!<br><br>The MoreZone has been updated. <a href='../morezone/index.htm'>Click here to visit</a>";
fcontent[1]="Dynamic Drive has been featured on Jars as a top 5% resource, and About.com as a recommended DHTML destination.";
fcontent[2]="Ok, enough with these pointless messages. You get the idea behind this script.</a>";

I've tried modifying the begintag, fcontent, and closetag variables with code to effect the SSI. I either get null display, parse errors, or blank display in the frame.

I have also tried modifying the two lines containing this:


and no dice.

Running Apache 1.3.33 & PHP 4.3.11

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions!