View Full Version : Lightwindow, IFrame, & Relative Links don't play nice

09-20-2010, 08:36 PM
The situation:

I'm very new to the javascript world and am in the process of building a portfolio site.

All of the information from this site is displayed in an i-frame.

My lightwindows are used on my "clients" page, and the external link works great. All of the other ongoing projects are still in relative links in other folders at the root of my site because they are still in the process of being built and finding hosting.

I've tried tricking the lightwindow by making the address look external but have had no luck, it only loads as a black box over my iframe. The one true external site I have on there loads great.

Any help any of you wizards can offer would be so greatly appreciated. I feel like Charlie Brown with his head against the brick wall saying, "Oh brother!" :confused:

Here is my site. (http://www.hannahtheisen.com)