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09-07-2010, 09:50 AM
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Step Carousel Viewer v1.9

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Hy everyone,
I have a problem with a page where I have Step Carousel and PretyPhoto together. Simply there is no way to make it work. In an precedent version of the same page (cancelled) I remember that all was working perfectly, but since that I changed the scripts with newer version and after that the page doesn't work anymore.
On this page I have a table made of two rows and 3 colons slided 6 times (with Step Carousel). Each element of the table is a preview image which is linked to a gallery of photos trough PretyPhoto.
The test page is made just of the first table, but I can't make Step Carousel to work with PretyPhoto, or better ... I can made the tables slide with Step Carousel, but if I put PretyPhoto in play the overlay of PretyPhoto doesn't appear.

Is there a incompatibility between the two scripts or it's my fault in something?
the test page is located at http://www.massimo-giordano.com/proba/page66/page66.html and at the moment Step Carousel isn't loaded, but the "same" page with Step Carousel is reachable at http://www.massimo-giordano.com/proba/page60/page60.html and there the overlay doesn't work.

09-07-2010, 04:39 PM
I found the problem.
Inside the Step Carousel js there is the no conflict declaration at the top of the file "jQuery.noConflict()".
Trashed the no conflict string solved the problem (seems and hope)