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08-31-2010, 03:47 PM
1) Script Title: Expando Image script

2) Script URL (on DD):

3) Describe problem: "this will be easy for you guys"
I'm trying to just add a border; if you look at the script in the head part.
you just change the command for border to / border: yes; /
and then change the border in the body to size wanted.
Now, how do I get the border to change from default black? to another color of choice.
I tried these commands to the head:
border: yes; <-this one works)
borderStyle: solid;
borderColor: yes;
bordercolor: #551A8B;

non of them did anything.

and i added to the body with the " bordercolor: yes; " command:
// <img class="expando" border="3" borderColor="#551A8B" src="images/map.jpg" width="40" height="40">


I get default black, the only thing i'm able to change is the size.

Can one of you guru's please tell me where i'm going wrong :confused:

08-31-2010, 11:09 PM
I the css in the head you can try something like this

<style type="text/css">
img.expando{ /*sample CSS for expando images. Not required but recommended*/
border: 3px solid #527BF5;
vertical-align: top; /*top aligns image, so mouse has less of a change of moving out of image while image is expanding*/
This will give you a border that is 3 pixels wide and has a blue color. You can change the color to what you want using a color picker (http://www.colorpicker.com/).

If you have trouble getting it working then post a link to your site so we can take a look.

By the way, you should probably forget border:yes; go check out this (http://www.w3schools.com/css/css_border.asp) instead