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08-24-2010, 08:35 AM
Hi Guys,

I have a drop down menu, seen on this page under 'Services' - http://www.elgamec.com/

I have created a new page which features another drop down menu next to 'Services' which is called 'Applications for Blasting' seen here - http://www.elgamec.com/applications-for-blasting.htm

I basically used the 'Services' drop down as a so called template to create the new drop down. For some reason it doesn't work at all, even though the code is identical to the 'Services' drop down (Which works fine).

Any thoughts?

Thanks people!


08-24-2010, 09:11 AM
<td height="32" background="http://www.elgamec.com/images/menu-bg2.jpg" style="padding:0;" width="14%">
<div id="qm0" class="qmmc">
<a href="services.htm">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Services</a>
<a href="shot-blasting.htm">- Shot Blasting</a>
<a href="bead-blasting.htm">- Bead Blasting</a>
<a href="alumina-blasting.htm">- Alumina Blasting</a>

<a href="shot-peening.htm">- Shot Peening</a>
<a href="glass-bead-peening.htm">- Glass Bead Peening</a>
<a href="grit-blasting.htm">- Grit Blasting</a>
<a href="vapour-blasting.htm">- Vapour Blasting</a>
<a href="surface-bond-preparation.htm">- Surface Bond Preparation</a>
<a href="glass-and-window-etching.htm">- Glass &amp; Window Etching</a>
<a href="soda-blasting.htm">- Soda Blasting</a>

<script type="text/JavaScript">qm_create(0,false,0,500,false)</script>
<td height="32" background="http://www.elgamec.com/images/menu-bg2.jpg" style="padding:0;" width="14%">
<div id="qm1" class="qmmc">
<a href="services.htm">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Applications for Blasting</a>
<a href="deburring.htm">- Deburring</a>

<a href="stripping.htm">- Stripping</a>
<a href="deflashing.htm">- Deflashing</a>
<a href="cleaning-without-distortion.htm">- Cleaning without distortion</a>
<a href="descaling.htm">- Descaling</a>
<a href="surface-etching.htm">- Surface etching</a>
<a href="cosmetic-finishing.htm">- Cosmetic finishing</a>

<a href="vapour-blasting-applications.htm">- Vapour blasting</a>
<a href="shot-peening-applications.htm">- Shot peening</a>
<a href="glass-etching-and-engraving.htm">- Glass etching and engraving</a>
<a href="investment-removal.htm">- Investment removal</a>
<script type="text/JavaScript">qm_create(1,false,0,500,false)</script>


08-24-2010, 10:24 AM
Lovely, it works now!

I knew it must of been something small!

Thanks mate