View Full Version : jQuery Menu #2 and Wordpress 3 Twenty Ten Issue

08-09-2010, 06:40 PM

Looking for some expert support here regarding the jQuery Multi Level #2 menu system. I've integrated the menu system successfully into my WP 3.0 Twenty Ten theme.

The kicker here is that it works on the home page, but not on the internal pages (post or single).

I've combed over the code fairly thoroughly but something is not standing out or making sense to me. I've even gone as far as repositioning the .js calls in the head to eliminate other scripts from conflicting with it, but never-the-less, the menu still seems to work fine on the home page and not ANY other page in the site.

There are no conditional statements for the menu or head section in the header.php, since header.php is being used for all views. I doubled-over the CSS to make sure that nothing is z-index'd above it as well.

I'm truly stumped here! If anyone has had this issue, I'd like to get some feedback on how it was resolved.

Again, i'm using WP 3.0 with Twenty Ten theme with the jQuery Multi Level #2 menu system.