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10-22-2005, 04:20 AM
I was surfing and came across an interesting graphic javascript. I have never seen one like it before, and would like to try it out with some of my photos, but it is not generated by something I'm familiar with, like Dynamic Drive scripts. When you look at this website page, it is the graphic on the top right of the page.....The flashing photographs divided up into a bunch of little squares. I am not certain if the author placed these squares on top of each photo with a paint program before saving them as frames, or if the script does this. I'm sure not the best in the world at figuring out scripts, and could really use some of the expertise of this board's members.

I know the Javascript is based on use of an animated gif....
I used Jasc animation shop to make my static photos into one gif image file and inserted that one file source into the code repeatedly, and that didn't work....I tried listing each seperate gif animation frame into the code and that didn't work either. Nothing whatsoever shows up on my web page. Could someone kindly look at this script and explain to me what I need to do to create it correctly? It is possible this is already listed in Dynamic Drive archives and I'm just overlooking it. Thank you so much.....

animated graphic script (http://www.italianpicturecharms.com/)

10-22-2005, 01:03 PM
animated graphic script (http://www.italianpicturecharms.com/)There is not much of a script to speak of here. The image in the top right is exactly as you see it: a single-frame (not animated) GIF, with a striped background and image segments (or smaller images) placed inside rectangles. View it directly (http://www.italianpicturecharms.com/images/italian_picture_photo_charm_TopNewMouseOver.gif), if you like.

There are five other images like that one, and they are swapped using a very badly written script.


10-22-2005, 02:05 PM
Thank you very much Mike for looking at it for me. I appreciate you taking the time. You are right....I can see it more clearly now. I might try just making a 5 step animation out of a few photos and see if that gets the effect I want. Have a great weekend~