View Full Version : Disappearing <div> while using gradualfader

07-27-2010, 09:58 AM
Hi, here is my HTML. The last div prior to activating gradualfader disappears -- which in this case would be <div id="footer></div>. Why? I'm wondering if my syntax is OK or if I'm missing something. Thanks in advanced!


<div style="background-image:url(committee_profiles/carouselframe.jpg); float:left; width:950px; height:640px; background-repeat:no-repeat; margin-left:88px; margin-top:25px;>

<div id="gallery">
<img class="gradualfader" src="committee_profiles/kfam/thumb1.jpg" style="position:relative; top: -43px; left:631px;"/>
<img class="gradualfader" src="committee_profiles/kfam/thumb2.jpg" style="position:relative; top:107px; left:472px;"/>
<img class="gradualfader" src="committee_profiles/kfam/thumb3.jpg" style="position:relative; top:255px; left:313px;"/>
<img class="gradualfader" src="committee_profiles/kfam/thumb4.jpg" style="position:relative; top:409px; left:154px;/>


<div id="footer">

<script type="text/javascript">
gradualFader.init() //activate gradual fader
gradualFader.baseopacity=0.92 //set base opacity when mouse isn't over element (decimal below 1)
gradualFader.increment=0.08//amount of opacity to increase after each iteration (suggestion: 0.1 or 0.2)