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10-20-2005, 07:43 AM
A month of time i've this type of problem in ASP.In that code you can easily understand what i did. Albit i've to explain, What i need.
In my ASP, I have to depentent combo box,where are only connect to the Database(not array or variable decleration).

for instance.
1st Combo box-> Region
2nd Combo box->Country
3rd Combo box-> State

As i select 1st combo box of Region,Based on 1st combo box ,related country to store in the 2nd Combo box.
and next selection of 2nd Combo box,related States to be store at the 3rd combo box.
AS i select any combo box my entire ASP page has been flickering.This flickering has been getting irretate to the users.
In ASP page i've used ASP,JavaScript for Server Side programming.
So can you give any idea how i can remove flickering from my ASP Page.
if you give any idea which is helpful for me.
So long
Peace out