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07-19-2010, 06:14 AM
1) Script Title: DOM Image rollover v3.0

2) Script URL (on DD): http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex15/domroll.htm

3) Describe problem: This works fine with my HTML editor but doesn't work when I've published it. Any ideas?
Here's the link http://www.furrytalesflyball.co.uk/TestPage.htm :confused:

07-19-2010, 06:30 AM
your path of the image is not right

<img width="150" hspace="0" height="50" border="0" xsrc="Pictures/Forms/LinkAboutUs.jpg" src="Pictures/Forms/LinkAboutUs.jpg" class="domroll LinkOverAboutUs.jpg">

change to :
<img width="150" hspace="0" height="50" border="0" xsrc="Pictures/Forms/LinkAboutUs.jpg" src="Pictures/Forms/LinkAboutUs.jpg" class="domroll Pictures/Forms/LinkOverAboutUs.jpg">

07-19-2010, 06:56 AM
Right now this will work

<img border="0" hspace="0" src="Pictures/Forms/LinkAboutUs.jpg" class="domroll Pictures/Forms/LinkOverAboutUs.JPG" width=150 height=50>

if you compare it to your original code which is this

<img border="0" hspace="0" src="Pictures/Forms/LinkAboutUs.jpg" class="domroll LinkOverAboutUs.jpg" width=150 height=50>

then you can see that you can add Pictures/Forms/ in front of the LinkOverAboutUs picture if you want it to get the image from the same folder. Right now you also have the image in the root of the domain, but the reason it doesn't work is because the picture has the extension JPG with capital LETTERS on your server. The server is more specific about capitalization than your local machine

Edit: Sorry for the crossposting, but notice, however, the part about capital letters, and the xsrc stuff that smrnsmile has in his post is probably from firebug and should not be needed

07-19-2010, 07:02 AM
Sorry smrnsmile I didn't give you the full story.

My first attempt was with <img class="domroll Pictures/Forms/LinkOverAboutUs.jpg"

This did not work so I copied the Java script into my Pictures/Forms folder but this did not work either. I copied my rollover image into my website root folder and edited the HTML script, when this did not work I thought i would ask on the forum.

I've made the ammendment you suggested but it still doesn't work.

Any ideas? :confused:

07-19-2010, 07:09 AM
azoomer, Top Man!

I never thought about case sensitivity.

It works many thanks.

Please remind me how I hit the 'Resolved' button.