View Full Version : diplaying mySQL/PHP results in the same page

07-03-2010, 07:05 AM
I have an SVG map. Onmouseover I want to display images related to a particular district fetching from mysql database using php. I have split the page left half to display the SVG map, and the other side to display the information. I am a beginer, I wrote some code,but the images are opened in a new window instead of displaying on the right side. I just want my code to display them on the same page onmouseover. Please help me , I have spend so many days on this, kind of fed up now.. please.. thank you in advance. Here is my code:

var regions=25;
function newDoc(mi_ID){
var imid=SLdata[mi_ID][0];
window.open("http://localhost/logposts/viewImage.php?imid=" +imid,"_target");
return true;
function DisplayMe(mi_ID){
var hoverName=SLdata[mi_ID][1];
var imid=SLdata[mi_ID][0];
var hoverValue=SLdata[mi_ID][0];
document.getElementById('province-Id').firstChild.data=('Name of the disctrict: '+hoverName);


Please help me... thank you