View Full Version : Stop a embedded sound with a link (not with a stop-button)

10-16-2005, 11:23 PM
Hello: I have made a web page with a embedded sounds list that works and plays fine. You can listen the music in the page (in spanish) I'd made for my father (a very good painter) in: www.pintorcastanyer.com

Now, the question is:

I can stop the music play with the console button int he embedded WMP but now I want the music stops when I click a concrete link in the page. Is it possible??? Is it needed a script???

This seem also complicated because the embedded file (m3u random list with several mp3) is in the left frame (you can see the used script) and now I want the music stops when I click a link in some of the right frame pages. I have tried to find clues for several days without success and I star getting crazy.

Thanks in advance.