View Full Version : Resolved Prepend Divs not visible on some pages

06-11-2010, 10:17 PM
Hi, new to this forum I hope someone can help I'm developing a site and I have used javascript to prepend a couple of divs to other divs (I cant use standard HTML/CSS to create the div as the system I'm using is a templated system)

I can get the divs to appear on the home page of the site but they seem to disappear when you to click to other pages within the site.

Here is JS I'm using...

$('#header .inner-content').prepend ("<div id='livechattop' style=\"color:#096ab1;) 0 bottom repeat-x\"><a href='#'><img src='/static/Image/livechat.png'></div>");

$('#footer #bottom-links').prepend ("<div id='fancy-links' style=\"color:#096ab1;) 0 bottom repeat-x\"><a href='http://www.facebook.com/#'><img src='/static/Image/facebook.png' class='textmiddle'> find us on facebook </a><a href='http://twitter.com/#'><img src='/static/Image/twitter.png'class='textmiddle'> follow us on twitter </a><a href='/'><img src='/static/Image/youtube.png'class='textmiddle'> watch us on youtube </a><a href='/'><img src='/static/Image/rss.png'class='textmiddle'> subscribe to our news feed </a></div>");

Any help much appreciated

**solved it myself - another js file was causing a conflict