View Full Version : DD Drop Down Panel Issues

06-07-2010, 06:06 PM
This one


is driving me up the wall.

I have a very simple layout 4 horizontal rows, all set up using divs. They line up perfect. All the style attributes are normal, work fine. I have the margins all at 0 and padding at 0 so they fit together seamlessly. It was inspired by this site and I see SHE doesn't have this problem... http://www.jek2k.com/wp/ so I KNOW it can be done. Incidentally, the divs are all 100% width and various specific heights.

I installed this script for the drop down panel and suddenly there are white gaps between each div.

I tried setting each div with position:relative and it doesn't help. The divs act normal but the drop down panel vanishes, the toggle tab is gone and it doesn't work. If I set them to position: absolute they all screw up all down the page.

I took all the position attributes out, toggle panel comes back, and so do the gaps.

If I set the header div above the dd panel, as intended, I set it to absolute, and those two work but then there are gaps on the ones below the panel.

I made it work fine with tables, with the sole exception there's a space between the panel and the beginning of the table.

It's driving me nuts. PLEASE help me figure out how to fix this normally. I use firefox. I did set this up on a page several months ago and didn't have this problem but have forgotten whatever it was I did that kept it from happening.

I'd like to use this as intended, with the layout the way *I* want, without all this bs happening every time I try to add this. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!