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10-13-2005, 09:13 AM
Help..... let me start again:

Hello everyone, I'm trying to create a database for a simple process that involves transport stopping at set points and costing x dollars from point a to b and xx dollars from points b to d etc with varying routes. Anyway here are the specifics can anyone tell me what tables and fields I need because it's doing my head in (I can do the rest).

Route A

Points Time Cost (from points a to e =total cost $10)
a 10:00 -$0
b 10:15 -$3
c 10:40 -$4
d 11:20 -$6
e 12:00 -$10

I want a person using my website to be able to select a point to be picked up at x time (relating to route x) from and dropped off at point xx and the database to give them the total cost and length of the journey + the pickup and drop off times.

Kind Regards